Growing Success: Molika’s story as an Agricultural Pioneer in Cambodia



This paper highlights the potential Cambodian pioneers who have built businesses based on innovative and creative ideas, with the aim of fostering innovation and entrepreneurial skills among Cambodians to advance the agricultural sector.

About Cambodian Standard Development & Supply (CSDS)

Mrs. Chau Lon Molika, the CEO & founder of CSDS, established the company in Phnom Penh 14 years ago. The company’s vision is to become the leader in cultivating safe products and showcase the competitiveness of Cambodian products in the international markets.

CSDS collaborates with three agricultural unions and 20 communities across Cambodia, cultivating a diverse range of products, including vegetables, fruits, fish, and meat, in 25 provinces and cities. Their customer base includes 71 restaurants, 12 hotels, 11 schools, 10 supermarkets, 9 bakeries, 2 cruise ships, 1 gym, and 1 catering service.

Fostering Innovation and Economic Growth

With a vision to strengthen the Cambodian economy, CSDS supports local farmers, recognizing their pivotal role in agricultural development. To achieve this goal, they secure funding from both the government and foreign sources and actively seek foreign investors to expand their agro-processing capabilities and propel Cambodian agriculture to new heights.

Addressing Challenges and Embracing Technology

Due to limited education and reliance on traditional farming practices among its farmers, CSDS works closely with them to provide necessary knowledge that can enable year-round farming, improve hygiene standards, promote climate change adaptation, and encourage the adoption of appropriate technologies. Additionally, the company is developing an app for harvest tracking and agro-processing management to simplify and streamline farming practices.

Investing in the Next Generation of Farmers

CSDS places great hope in the next generation, inviting the children of its farmers to intern in their company and encouraging them to pursue higher education. So far, 200 young individuals have been trained.

Message to the Young Entrepreneurs

Businesses should not be viewed solely as a means of making a quick profit, but rather as a way to pursue our dreams and contribute to society. CSDS, for instance, persevered for seven years before achieving profitability and ensuring its continued existence to this day.

“Do what you love and never give up! Identify customer needs and align your goals accordingly. Understand market dynamics to effectively address challenges and seize opportunities. Document your endeavors attentively; written proof is essential for securing investments.”, Mrs. Molika advises.