BarCamp DigiTech 2022 was a great success



For the first time, BarCamp DigiTech was held in Battambang, bringing together 1,500 business and technology executives as well as students to promote technology adoption in all fields. Tech and business executives met in Battambang province for BarCamp DigiTech 2022 to exchange ideas and knowledge with proprietors of small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs) and college students.

Participants came from a variety of provinces, including Banteay Meanchey, Pursat, and Siem Reap, in addition to the province of Battambang. About 1,500 students and business entrepreneurs attended this year’s BarCamp, which was held on December 12 and 13 at Techo Sen Regional Polytechnic Institute in Battambang. One of the most often discussed subjects among guests was digital marketing. The majority of SME owners in attendance at the event planned to use digital tools to advance their company’s growth. Additionally, university students took part actively in this event, which was intended to teach them more about professional development and personal growth in the digital age.


There were breakout sessions to share information and expertise, with 47 topics covered by more than 30 speakers under the themes of technology, marketing tactics, and ways to run businesses more effectively. Additionally, 20 technology exhibitions from private tech businesses that support and assist in finding technical solutions for company owners and students in this region of Cambodia were part of BarCamp DigiTech.

Meeting IT experts, marketers, and entrepreneurs helped participants learn new things. BarCamp provided locals in Battambang with a chance to network and make new relationships. According to Kotluy’s founder, Tith Kamrang, young people in Battambang are involved and enjoy sharing their knowledge of technology. He claimed that despite its brief duration, the initiative included young people and company entrepreneurs.


The proprietor of Health Coffee in Banteay Meanchey, Pich Noeun, said he learnt a lot about social media and digital marketing strategies, pre-product preparation, image design, caption writing, and photography methods over the course of the two days. Because the program offers fresh information and enables organisations to adapt to a new plan, Noeun thinks it would be even more useful to run it more frequently. 

The era of digital technology, according to Battambang vendor Phok Sovannborey, is currently in effect. He must employ contemporary technology, company management, and digital marketing as a business owner to keep up with the digital transition. Programs greatly aid Sovannborey in gaining skills with some digital approaches, he continued. In general, he stated, he was able to meet and locate people to work with by attending several sessions at BarCamp DigiTech, such as recruiting people with skills.


An agriculture university student named Chen Chuy claimed that because Battambang had never previously hosted an event of this nature, he had gained new perspectives from the speakers as well as technical know-how. Since I’ve been a student here, I haven’t attended a technology event like this. We have the chance to learn more as a result. It has inspired and compelled me to do some action, like learning how to use technology actively so that our institution has an agricultural laboratory to conduct more research, because I learnt to take modern agriculture-related sessions to strengthen my thinking abilities.