Women the Champion: Continual Innovation is the Key to Staying Ahead of the Competition



Navita is an innovative company, specializing in healthy food and beverages.


Navita started operation in November, 2020 as a small-sized business and only after the 23rd August of 2021 that the company was registered under the name Navita Healthy Food & Beverages Co.,Ltd. Mr. Uy Cheng heng and Ms.Uy Sothearyna, founder and co-founder are siblings who graduated from Industrial Engineering and Food Science Engineering, respectively, and it is the strong foundation and investment in this business. Not different from other enterprises, Navita exists because of love in the agroindustry sector. Moreover, Navita is part of helping the Cambodian economy by providing more jobs and creating more markets for local farmers.


Most fruit processing enterprises in Cambodia produce similar products, but Navita provides products that have their own uniqueness. Navita guarantees to provide customers with real health supplements rich in vitamins and natural flavours of fresh fruit. The founders and co-founders have completed the management skills of Industrial Engineering and Food Science Engineering, which are the solid foundation of building a professional business.

‘’We are doing food processing focused on healthy dried fruit or healthy snacks’’ said Ms. Sothearyna. Our fruits are natural and fresh from local farms. Our purpose is to help maintain agriculture market prices. Careful selection according to hygiene standards in packaging, attractive packaging design and healthy snacks are the values ​​of Navita products that make us proud to present to the market. In particular, domestic and foreign customers have been interested in and recognized Navita products in only a short amount of time.


Many enterprises in Cambodia are working in the same field of dried fruit processing, but Navita is doing things differently. Navita’s core value is no sugar nor preservatives added. We provide completely healthy snacks rich in vitamins from natural fruit to our consumers. Carefully standardised hygiene packaging process, eye-catching packaging design, and healthy dried fruit are the value-added, which make us proud to present this unique product to the markets (anywhere both domestic and international).