digital vouchers

ICONE’s new Digital Vouchers Program will help enterprises improve their digital awareness, grow their digital maturity and improve business operations while leveraging digital solutions – with the help of Information Technology Service Providers (ITSPs).

digital vouchers

Many enterprises have limited exposition to IT industry professionals and do not have sufficient funds to capitalize on what ITSPs could offer.

After application, review and approval, enterprises will be paired up with ITSP’s. They will work together with the local ITSP’s to achieve their digital objectives.

To foster digital development, GIZ ICONE will provide limited financing via Digital Vouchers Program (DVP) to ICONE program enterprises that comply to certain criteria.

digital vouchers
  • Selected ITSPs’ services/products delivery to GIZ ICONE program member enterprises will be co-financed by GIZ.
  • Application and screening process is in place to successfully implement digital projects for enterprises
  • Digital projects are financed by the enterprises with up to 50% of the project value and max. 1000 USD contribution from GIZ ICONE.
  • The cashflow from GIZ is paid directly to the ITSPs based on proof-of-delivery upon project completion.
  • Program length: 14 months, starting November 1st 2023.
  • Maximum 60 companies, 25 of which are women-led/owned