Empowering Women Entrepreneurs in Siem Reap: Unlocking Economic Growth and Building a Stronger Cambodia



In celebration of this year’s International Women’s Day, CWEA Siem Reap organized its annual networking and sharing event on March 5th, with the theme “Women and Men for Economic Development and Leadership.” GIZ ICONE is a strategic partner of CWEA Siem Reap and supports this association in empowering women entrepreneurs in Cambodia. 

In her opening speech,H.E. Teang Eng Tea Seiha, the guest of honour, expressed her gratitude for being invited to the event. As a former company owner and now a homemaker, she knows firsthand the importance of supporting women entrepreneurs. She emphasized that women are fighting hard to gain the same opportunities as men, and owning a company is one such opportunity that can improve their livelihood. She urged women to be confident in their strengths and not to compare themselves to others.

The President of CWEA Siem Reap, Mrs. Chea Soknuang, highlighted that the development of Cambodia requires cooperation between men and women. She praised the strength and courage of women in the private sector, who have made significant contributions to the economic development of the Kingdom of Cambodia.

H.E. The Chhun Hak offered insights into transforming one’s mindset to become an effective leader. As highlighted by H.E. The Chhun Hak, a positive and self-aware mindset enables the identification and realization of aspirations. Balancing all aspects of life and maintaining a clear mind play vital roles in achieving goals step-by-step and reducing stress. Furthermore, adopting clear principles, staying positive, being realistic in goal setting, prioritizing goals, and critical thinking are essential to successful leadership. By committing to these principles, leaders can inspire greatness in themselves and those around them.

Industry experts shared their experiences throughout the event and provided valuable input to the attending company owners. Networking opportunities allowed women entrepreneurs to share their experiences, learn from each other, and be empowered. The partnership between GIZ ICONE and CWEA Siem Reap promotes women’s economic development and leadership, and events such as these serve as a reminder of the importance of cooperation and support between men and women in achieving economic development.

It should also be added that the event was a great reflection of our bond between GIZ ICONE and CWEA. On the 30th of November, 2022 a Minute of Intent (MoI) was signed between the Ministry of Women’s Affairs of Cambodia and the GIZ Improve Competitiveness of National Enterprise (ICONE) program. This partnership aims to foster women’s economic empowerment and entrepreneurship in the northwest of Cambodia by mobilizing key private and public sector actors. Women entrepreneurs provide an essential opportunity for economic and social development and progress.