Promoting Innovation in the Food and Agro-processing Sector in Northwest Cambodia



ICONE, a GIZ project which promotes sustainable and innovative business practices, has announced a new partnership with Eatable Adventures, one of the world’s leading Food Tech accelerators.

The partnership seeks to promote innovation in the food and agri-processing sector, integrate sustainable practices, and develop new opportunities to increase the agricultural productivity of companies.

Working together, ICONE and Eatable Adventures plan to analyze the current state of the food and agro-processing industry in the northwest region of Cambodia. The partnership encourages investment in food companies and identifies the best innovations through food and agro-processing innovation challenges and incubation programs.

The partnership is crucial for the food and agro-processing industry, which has been facing mounting pressure to adapt to changing consumer preferences and growing concerns over sustainability. With the global population expected to reach 9.7 billion by 2050, the need for sustainable and innovative food solutions is more pressing than ever.

“We are excited to partner with Eatable Adventures to promote innovation in the food and agri-processing sector,” said the program director Dr Stefan Hanselmann of the ICONE program. “Our goal is to identify and support the most promising innovations, integrate innovative practices into companies, and help drive investment into this important sector.”

Eatable Adventures is renowned for its innovative approach to food and agri-processing. The company, that already collaborates with international governments such as Spain and Italy, aims to build tomorrow’s food companies by promoting the adoption of more sustainable and efficient business models, By partnering with ICONE, Eatable Adventures will achieve a significant milestone in its goal to develop and democratize technologies in the agrifood sector which will ultimately contribute to achieving global food security.

Over the next two years, the partnership will work with companies in Cambodia’s northwest region to identify and promote the most promising innovations in the food and agri-processing industry. The partnership aims to drive investment and increase agricultural productivity through incubation programs and innovation challenges while promoting sustainable practices and supporting the sector’s growth.

As the global population grows, the need for sustainable and innovative food solutions is more pressing than ever. Through partnerships like this one between ICONE and Eatable Adventures, the food and agri-processing industry can work together to address these challenges and build a more sustainable future.