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Boran Care

Established in 2019, and registered in 2020, located in Banteay Meanchey, Cambodia, Boran Care is the first locally owned skincare brand that focuses on truly natural and sustainability, using local finest ingredients, committed to be the leading organic skincare producer and supplier.

boran care

Nhim Sorida is an environmentalist who advocates for locally produced, natural health, beauty, and household products in Cambodia; she is the co-founder and managing director at Boran Care. Cambodia is blessed with excellent natural resources and raw materials compared to other nations, but not many people have realised the potential to make something from it, she said.

boran care

Sorida resigned from her work as department director in a non-governmental organisation after seeing the potential of Cambodian nature and made the decision to devote her time to learning about and researching natural substances. After hearing numerous accounts of unemployment and inferior imported goods in Cambodia, Sorida changed her mind and decided to pursue this as a company. She did so because she wanted to give back to her community. “Local company growth generates more jobs in the neighbourhood, lowers immigration, and supports local brands,” she claimed.

Boran Care is a home-based company innovation with long-term, sustainable ambitions to create natural, handmade health and beauty care products that are motivated by conventional wisdom but produced in a contemporary manner with an emphasis on quality. All raw materials are farmed carefully by the neighbourhood.

boran care