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MLH is a micro-factory in Ang village, Sangkat Ochar, Battambang city, Battambang province, that began operations in February 2021 and would collect raw materials from farmers in certain communes in Samlot district.

Founded by Ms. Seng Somnang, MLH decided to investigate from many sources to convert into food since some local agricultural crops are grown and there is little market, and those crops are all nutritious.

MLH provides Health supplements made from natural ingredients that can be utilised (delicious, easy to carry, affordable and well packaged). As well as a component that assists farmers in obtaining employment in order to better family life, reducing our population’s migration as well.


Ms. Seng Somnang said that she once had difficulty dealing with digestion issues herself but after trying out making her own banana powder, she got much better; hence it gave a brilliant idea to use this as an opportunity to start her own business.

MLH Handicrafts products are all manufactured by genuine Cambodian children using locally sourced natural ingredients to satisfy the needs of many important national and worldwide markets, as well as numerous partners, to bring products, such as Banana, Ginger, Turmeric, Phlai, health powder, Scrubs, sets of health supplements and many more. These are all natural items with a great flavour and scent. Quality, safety, cleanliness, and technical packaging are all priorities for us, and we adhere to international standards.



  • Encourage young women to be innovative.
  • Encourage Cambodians to buy and support more local products.
  • Promote societal welfare by offering customers with high-quality, hygienic natural nutrition.
  • Traditional Khmer health food handcraft.
  • Capacity building and vocational training Handicraft promotion is a great way to promote local items.
  • MLH makes its imprint on both domestic and foreign markets.
  • Marketing products in international markets


  • The immune system will benefit from the processing of plants into healthful nutrients.
  • Natural nutrition is provided to promote social well-being.
  • Customers with high-quality, safe, and sanitary products
  • Encourage Cambodians to purchase Cambodian goods.