Sastra Film: Meet the CEO and Founder



Bun Channimol is the CEO of Sastra Film, now one of Cambodia’s most successful film production companies.

Sastra Film, a leading Cambodian film production company is known for its popular online streaming service featuring original, locally-made films. Despite facing challenges early on, Channimol’s passion for storytelling and her wealth of experience in the media sector led her to overcome obstacles and realize her dream of starting her own company. 

Initially, Channimol’s production company was named “Pro Production” and focused on advertisement videos and commercial production services. Seeing the growing interest in Thai and Korean dramas in Cambodia, she saw the potential in film production. Prior to founding Sastra Film, Channimol held various roles in the industry, including editor-in-chief of a Cambodian magazine and assistant director for a TV program. 

Despite facing financial struggles, Channimol moved to Phnom Penh as a teenager to pursue her passion, working various jobs to support herself. She honed her writing skills and eventually became a part of the Khmer Writers Association, which helped her build the foundation for her successful career in film production. 

Currently, Sastra Film is one of the most popular production companies in Cambodia, with more than 1.45 million subscribers on YouTube. They charge a subscription fee of $5.00 per month to access shows and movies on their smartphones or tablets. With more than 100 staff members working on in-house productions, Sastra Film prides itself on producing films loved by young Cambodian audiences.