Sustainable Transformation for Northwest Cambodia Hotels


sustainable transformation

In a significant step towards advancing sustainability and resource efficiency in Cambodia’s recovering tourism sector, the Improved Competitiveness of National Enterprises (ICONE) program hosted its kick-off workshop for hotels and accommodation providers on September 25, 2023, in Siem Reap.

This event marked the launch of ICONE’s second comprehensive support package for tourism providers in the northwest of Cambodia.

ICONE has embarked on an ambitious mission to enhance the competitiveness of the private sector in the northwest of Cambodia. Central to this endeavor, together with the Foundation for Environmental Education (FEE) and Destination Mekong is the commitment to empower accommodation providers in the region with relevant tools and knowledge needed to thrive sustainably in a fast-changing and ever-evolving tourism landscape.

sustainable transformation

Over the course of the next year, the first 10 hotels in the northwest of Cambodia will receive valuable support from the ICONE program. The support includes a multifaceted approach designed to drive transformational change within the accommodation sector. Key components include optimizing resource usage, working towards gaining sustainability certifications, gaining access to customer and market insights, implementing digital solutions, and enhancing overall business management skills.

During the kick-off workshop, accommodation providers in Siem Reap had the unique opportunity to gain an in-depth understanding of the ICONE program and the comprehensive support it offers. Moreover, they were able to engage with Cambodian owners of tour operators, fostering valuable partnerships and exploring synergies that promise to advance the region’s tourism ecosystem.

The ICONE kick-off workshop signifies a pivotal moment in the journey towards sustainability and responsible tourism in the northwest of Cambodia. As the program unfolds over the coming year, hotels and accommodation providers in the region will undergo a transformation that will not only benefit their bottom line but also contribute to the conservation of Cambodia’s natural and cultural landscapes. The support package from ICONE, coupled with the collaborative spirit of accommodations and tour operators, holds the promise of a brighter, more sustainable future for Cambodia’s recovering tourism industry.