Tourism Insights Study 2022



ICONE Cambodia releases results of CAMBODIA'S TOURISM INSIGHTS STUDY 2022

The ancient temples of Cambodia’s Angkor Wat Archaeological Park, the acrobatic mastery of the Phare Circus, the waterfall in the Phnom Kulen National Park and many other unique sights and destinations are waiting to be explored as Cambodia’s tourism industry recovers from the COVID-19 pandemic.

The GIZ ICONE program aims to improve the competitiveness of Cambodian national enterprises operating in increasingly interconnected and dynamic markets. In the Siem Reap Province, the tourism sector is one key sector for the ICONE program since Siem Reap is the strongest pull factor for both domestic and international tourists. 

As part of the ICONE program to provide support to local tourism providers, an extensive in person survey was conducted in the months of August-September 2022 with international tourists traveling to Siem Reap. Tourists were personally interviewed at places with high tourist volume such as the airport, the city center, Phare Circus and at the Angkor Temples. 

The goal of the Tourism Insights Study 2022 is to better understand tourists’ travel motivation, booking behavior, and their use of digital tools while traveling. The study therefore aims at the tourist- side and the results deliver meaningful knowledge for tourism providers to develop better targeted activities in the area of sales, marketing, innovative products, and service offerings.

The methodology of the Tourism Insights Study 2022 is based on questions developed along the concept of the Customer Journey and therefore reveals valuable results provided by tourists traveling to Cambodia in post-COVID times. Highly relevant insights from the study will yield knowledge on tourists traveling to Cambodia, including topics such as the tourists’ preferences, their use of digital platforms, and the relevance of customer reviews. 

With the release of the Tourism Insights Study 2022, the tourism sector will receive important information to be able to develop in a way that Cambodia can establish itself as unique destination for tourists traveling in post-COVID times, increasing both the length of stay and tourists’ average spending per stay. Based on the study, Cambodian tourism providers can benefit from actionable knowledge and valuable insights on how to better showcase its authentic nature and rich culture, attracting tourists from all over the world.