GIZ ICONE: Collaboratively Cultivating a Sustainable Future for Cambodian Tourism through Vocational Education


vocational education

Sustainability is not merely a buzzword for GIZ ICONE; it is a guiding principle interwoven into the very fabric of their approach.

Understanding the significant role Siem Reap’s tourism industry plays in Cambodia’s economic well-being, they have partnered with local stakeholders to collaboratively cultivate a future built on quality, authenticity, and responsible practices.

vocational education

The journey begins by investing in the cornerstone of any educational system: the educators themselves. Through capacity development programs, GIZ ICONE fosters a network of instructors equipped to integrate sustainability principles into their curriculum. This ensures that future tourism professionals graduate with the knowledge and skills necessary to navigate the industry while prioritising environmental responsibility.

GIZ ICONE acknowledges the transformative power of student-driven initiatives. By actively supporting the establishment of Eco-Schools in Cambodia, they provide platforms where students can collaborate with respected hospitality institutions. Co-creation takes centre stage as innovative concepts and practical guidelines emerge, empowering students to become agents of change within their institutions and beyond.

vocational education

GIZ ICONE further incentivizes responsible practices by introducing an internationally recognized eco-label for hospitality and tourism businesses. Through targeted vocational education programs, they equip the workforce with the expertise needed to implement and uphold these eco-certification standards, making a tangible impact on Cambodia’s tourism landscape.

The work of GIZ ICONE extends beyond simply imparting technical skills; it cultivates a culture of collaboration, environmental awareness, and commitment to quality local experiences. This holistic approach empowers the tourism workforce to meet the evolving demands of conscious travellers while safeguarding the natural and cultural treasures that make Cambodia so unique.