Our Initiative for Woman’s Day



Woman’s Day is upon us and this year we are shedding light on inspiring female entrepreneurs in Cambodia.

International Women’s Day is an important day to recognize and celebrate the achievements of women in all areas, including business. In particular, female entrepreneurs are especially inspiring for their determination and resilience in creating successful businesses. This is particularly true for those working hard to grow their companies in Cambodia’s northwest region.

In this part of the country, women face unique challenges due to a lack of resources and access to markets or financial support from banks or government programs. Despite these obstacles, female entrepreneurs have been able to make great strides through creative problem solving strategies such as leveraging digital tools like social media platforms or e-commerce sites that can help them reach new customers while reducing costs associated with traditional retail outlets. Additionally they have also developed innovative approaches towards addressing social issues such as poverty alleviation initiatives which benefit both local communities as well as supporting economic growth on a larger scale across Cambodia’s Northwest region.

By recognizing International Women’s Day we hope not only raise awareness about the importance of empowering female business owners but also inspire more people around the world who may be considering launching their own enterprises by showcasing how amazing these brave individuals are doing despite limited resources available at hand.