Widening Support for Digitalization Efforts in Northwest Cambodia



GIZ ICONE is proud to introduce the Digital Vouchers Program (DVP), a groundbreaking initiative connecting enterprises with IT service providers (ITSPs) to boost digital awareness and maturity.

 The program addresses the common challenges faced by enterprises with limited exposure to IT professionals and constrained budgets.

Through a rigorous application and screening process, enterprises are paired with local ITSPs to collaboratively achieve their digital objectives. GIZ ICONE provides limited financing through DVP, supporting enterprises that meet specific criteria.

Key program details:

  • GIZ ICONE co-finances selected ITSPs’ services/products for member enterprises.
  • Enterprises contribute up to 50% of the project value, with a maximum GIZ ICONE contribution of 1000 USD.
  • Cash flow is directly disbursed to ITSPs upon proof-of-delivery, ensuring a transparent and efficient process.

The 14-month program, starting November 1st, 2023, accommodates a maximum of 60 companies, with a focus on inclusivity by reserving 25 slots for women-led/owned enterprises.

Unlock your digital potential with GIZ ICONE’s Digital Vouchers Program — a gateway to transformative collaborations and accelerated digital growth. Apply now for a digital future!

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