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HR Forum Digital Talent

Empowering digital talents today for a competitive edge tomorrow.

HR can be a booster for growth and innovation but can also be costly if done inefficiently. Digital talents play a vital role in implementing digital projects, updating operations, building and maintaining the IT infrastructure, and boosting company innovation. Successfully integrated digital talents offer numerous windows of opportunity for SMEs, startups, and large companies. However, companies face numerous challenges in managing HR processes and digital talents. The HR Forum Digital Talents addressed these challenges.

HR Forum Digital Talent

The event was co-hosted by the Cambodia Academy of Digital Technology (CADT) and the GIZ Improve Competitiveness of National Enterprise (ICONE) program in Phnom Penh on 16th March 2023. The event brought together 174 people from enterprises around Cambodia, tech companies, and digital talents. During the event, topics included new staffing methods, software options, and the culture of managing digital talent. This included discussions about recruiting, onboarding, growing and maintaining teams, and off-boarding.

The goal of the HR Forum was to provide an interactive platform for business owners and HR managers to discuss best practices. The forum also showcased the latest international and Cambodian HR software solutions from 7 startups and service providers. This included Jobify offering their HR recruiting platform and tool, Check In Me providing an access control system for attendance and leave, Workingna demonstrating their recruiting tools and platform, Odoo and ERP Cambodia showcasing their Odoo and HR tools, Biz Solution exhibiting the unique Phum HR – Local HR tool for Cambodia, Codigate Technology showing their method of onboarding tech talents and in-house training method, along with CADT presenting their model of growing interns – recruiting, onboarding, making happy, and retaining.

HR Forum Digital Talent

To keep attendees engaged, two main activities were organized; an expert panel discussion on industry trends and recruiting processes and a showcase for digital HR service providers to pitch their products/services. Furthermore, feedback was collected from attendees who had the opportunity to try services through interactive tests or purchase licenses in order to incentivize the HR service providers who attended the event.

Mr.Sor Sompisith, Our Pharmacy owner, noted, “I had never attended an event like this before. I learned so much, not just about the subject matter but also about purchasing licenses and testing out accounting software. I look forward to next year’s event!

Overall, the HR Forum Digital Talents is an important platform for HR managers and business owners to gain insight into managing digital employees from recruitment to retention. It is an opportunity to share experiences and learn from others to overcome the challenges of the digital age.