Creativity, Idea Development and Design Thinking Workshop had Tour Operators Buzzing!



How creative are you? Learn how to think from the perspective of customers when creating innovative products!

The workshop on creativity, idea development and design thinking for tour operator companies in Siem Reap was a great success. The aim of this workshop on the 28th of February was to improve creativity skills and learn about design thinking methods as well as how to adopt a customer-centric approach for creating innovative products for international tourists in post-pandemic times.


Participants were provided with an interactive learning experience that included hands-on activities and group exercises designed specifically around the theme of creative idea development. Participants also had access to an industry expert who shared his knowledge on topics such as ideation techniques, prototyping processes and product validation strategies which enabled them to gain valuable insights into how tourism companies can better understand their target customers’ needs when designing innovative tourism products or services.

Finally, participants left the workshop feeling excited and inspired with newfound techniques that could be implemented within their businesses, resulting in more efficient operations while increasing revenue potentials through improved service offerings tailored towards international tourists visiting Siem Reap region. As such, it is clear that workshops like these are essential tools for any business looking at staying ahead of its competition by providing unique customer-centric experiences at competitive prices.